Workshops as part of this year's edition of ILYO began on Monday. Almost 90 participants from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Belarus and Norway have been preparing for the final concert on Friday under the supervision of tutors.
During the concert, we will hear "Variations on a Theme of Paganini" by Witold Lutosławski and Symphony No. 7 "Leningrad" by Dmitri Shostakovich. Lutosławski's Variations paraphrase the well-known Caprice No. 24 in A minor, Op. 1 for solo violin by Paganini. Lutosławski enriched the original work in terms of harmony and texture. The result is a spicy-sounding piece, a real firework of pianistic and compositional virtuosity. Over the years, the variations have gained tremendous popularity, becoming a hit. The composition was played by all the prominent piano duos in the world, becoming the most frequently performed piece by the composer. In 1977, Lutosławski transcribed an arrangement for piano with an orchestra.

Symphony No. 7 was written at one of the many tragic moments in human history – in the starving fortress – Leningrad in 1941, during the Nazi siege of the city. Dmitri Shostakovich announced the commencement of work on a new symphony in a broadcast from Leningrad for the whole country. The news aroused great interest, and although it did not yet exist, the symphony was immediately dubbed "Leningrad." The first two parts were created in the besieged city, the next in Kujbyszewo, to which the composer was evacuated. The piece's premiere took place on the 335th day of the siege. Exhausted musicians of the radio orchestra, partially pulled from the front, were covered with several layers of clothing during the concert, which was a typical symptom of starvation. The audience was packed to the last seat. The music brought hope. Symphony No. 7 can be considered to be used for propaganda. However, listen to it without any prejudices. You can "hear" the image of not only the aggression of the invader but also the terror that ruled the city before the siege.

Tickets for the final concert are available at the Philharmonic box office and on the website.
28-08-2019, 13:28:33
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