You can download the scores of Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 for your recordings from our website!
Just to remind you – applying for ILYO, each musician should send two pieces of recording, one of which must include the pieces that are in the programme of workshops. For the required materials go to scores.
Remember also about the second recording:
  • violin / viola / cello – a fragment of any solo sonata / partita / suite by Johann Sebastian Bach, selected by the Musician (recording duration from 3 to 6 minutes);
    • double bass – part of any classical concert selected by the Musician (recording duration from 3 to 6 minutes);
    • brass / woodwind / percussion – any composition (or fragment thereof) selected by Musician (recording duration from 3 to 6 minutes).
02-07-2019, 14:15:02
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