Almost 90 participants from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Belarus and Norway! Under the watchful eye of the tutors, the young musicians were preparing for the final concert for five days. What are their impressions? We invite you to the video summary of this year's edition of the 2019 International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra.
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19-11-2019, 14:35:08
Workshops as part of this year's edition of ILYO began on Monday. Almost 90 participants from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Belarus and Norway have been preparing for the final concert on Friday under the supervision of tutors.
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28-08-2019, 13:28:33
You can become a member of International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra to the end of July!
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16-07-2019, 15:04:20
As every year, we invited some renowned musicians and lecturers to conduct ILYO workshops – not only from Poland and Europe, but also from overseas! We are pleased to present tutors who will lead masterclasses!
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11-07-2019, 13:39:46
International Lutoslawski Youth Orchestra is an amazing adeventure – and the musicians participating in previous six editions can confirm this. There were almost 500 participants so far!
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10-07-2019, 18:25:45
ILYO 2019 zbliża się wielkimi krokami. Zanim jednak finałowy koncert, który odbędzie się 30 sierpnia, zapraszamy na małe przypomnienie zeszłorocznej edycji. Zobaczcie film wraz z nami podsumowanie ILYO 2018!
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10-07-2019, 15:07:51
You can download the scores of Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 for your recordings from our website!
Just to remind you – applying for ILYO, each musician should send two pieces of recording, one of which must include the pieces that are in the programme of workshops. For the required materials go to scores.
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02-07-2019, 14:15:02
The seventh edition of the International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra is fast approaching and will last until July 19. Young musicians will have a week of workshops and a meeting with the unique compositional style of Witold Lutosławski, finishing with the final concert on 30 August.

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26-06-2019, 10:27:30
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